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Client Testimonials


Rita N.

 "Wale is one of the best physical fitness trainers I have ever had the pleasure of working with! Not only are his prices affordable and schedule accommodating, but Wale's ability to tailor his training program to my fitness goals were unparalleled." 

Anne S.

"Although I've yet to fully embrace veganism, I've made major changes in my diet as a result of the 2014 challenge. Prior to starting the challenge less than 20% of my meals were vegan or vegetarian. Now more than than 75% of my meals are vegan or vegetarian." 

Najee W.

"With the knowledge you shared I was able to construct my own workshop."  

Christina B.

"I have breast cancer and have chosen to heal my body through alternative and holistic methods. Chief among these methods is the importance of keeping the body healthy with rich, oxygenated blood. With Omowale’s knowledgeable guidance in fitness, diet and nutrition, and an overall uplifting of my spirit I have been able to reverse and improve my condition almost 100%. Omowale is a caring and compassionate, yet rigorous trainer, but he never loses sight of the importance of balance - mind, body, and spirit." 

Eric M.

"I have been a client of Omowale now for almost a year, and I intend to remain one as long as possible. As a trainer, he manages to consistently advance his clients’ physical, mental, and nutritional well-being. I can always rest assured that I will be pushed to my limits and slightly beyond, while also having my thoughts and mentality respected and taken into consideration each and every session.” 

Melissa C.

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