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Certified in Optimal Nutrition

Omowale Adewale is Certified in Plant-Based Nutrition - Black VegFest Founder & Organizer

Certified in Performance & Training

Omowale is a certified USA boxing coach. Wale is a 2-time Kickboxing champion in the 155lbs and 165lbs division. He is a 165lbs boxing champion. Wale is also a former athlete in bodybuilding and track and field. Come grab a fitness or boxing training session.

Personal Health Experience

Wale has battled high blood pressure and chronic bronchitis for years before going vegan and becoming more knowledgeable about foods and phytonutrients.

Beyond fitness & self-defense

Black VegFest Review

Did you miss the first Black VegFest?

2nd Annual Black VegFest August 10-11, 2019


An Introduction to Veganism & Agricultural Globalism


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Written by Omowale Adewal. Gain recipe tips for health and wellness. Become more conscious about fitness and nutrition. Learn about your food and the promotion of GMO's from a global perspective. Build a conscious about your food choices and go vegan for the world.


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Omowale Adewale

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